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#DoWhatYouDo "Do what you LOVE doing"

When one finds himself lost or a long way from where he wants to be, He can continue down that path or take corrective steps. When I was faced with this CHOICE, I wrote about it and made a decision. 

Dream Chaser by K. Anthony Vickers (July 25, 2014)

10 Months ago I unlocked a chamber in the dungeons of my heart. It had been a reinforced tomb where I laid to rest the dreams of my childhood. Entombing the dreams of a child and replacing them with the realities of manhood would have it's price. The ghost of my childhood dreams eventually began to haunt my thoughts. While the Joys of fatherhood and the challenges of life, devoured time by the decades, I was comforted by whispers that my dreams could be reborn and fulfilled by my sons. 

However, when the celebrations for both my sons victories and achievements had multiplied, I knew the comfort of those whispers would eventually decay and turn into bitterness. I had to accepted that while I seeded, nurtured, fathered, preached, pruned and encouraged.....  None of their dreams are mine. None of  their victories could ever satisfy my dream. 

My bridge over forgotten waters, gave way to a sinkhole that was devouring everything around me. I came to a place where I had to free my childhood dreams and pay the price plus decades of interest. At first, the uncertainty of my decision was like standing at the gates of a great maze.  However, I praised God for blessing me, laced up my spikes and ran into my dreams.                 Karnell Anthony Vickers 7/25/2014

WELCOME TO MY JOURNEY in Masters Track & Field

This website is about everything that happened after I decided to CHASE MY DREAMS, with World Masters Athletics in Track & Field 

May God continue to bless me to be a living testimony of his power. Amen.

Lose Yourself or find yourself

When I'm in the "Zone" I only have 1 shot NOT to miss my chance... This opportunity comes once in a lifetime. 


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